The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines, Inc. (AACCUP) recently held a survey visit at the Palawan State University (PSU) External campuses on September 17-22, 2018 at the PSU Narra Campus, PSU Brooke’s Point, and PSU Quezon.

The survey visit was for the evaluation for Level 1 accreditation of programs such as Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (PSU Narra Campus), Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (PSU Brooke’s Point), and Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (PSU Quezon).

The 2nd leg of the evaluation was done at the PSU Main campus for the Level II accreditation of programs such as the Master of Science in Environmental Management (Graduate School), Bachelor of Science in Public Administration (College of Business and Accountancy), and Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering (College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology). The College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE) was evaluated for the Level I Accreditation status.

The University Quality Assurance Centre (PSU UQAC) headed Dr. Carmen M. Fernandez facilitated the whole activity visiting the campuses from the PSU CCRD South up to the main campus at Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa City. - lsv

The AACCUP Accreditors

  • Dr. Sanjay P. Claudio, PUP – Overall Coordinator
  • Dr. Thelma T. Lanuza, ISU
  • Prof. Jerry S. Cristobal, PRMSU
  • Prof. Ivy Mar J. Ramos, BulSU
  • Dr. Milagrosa M. Malicdem, PangSU
  • Dr. Narciso F. Castro, PangSU
  • Dr. Marjorie R. Dafun, UNP
  • Prof. Nancy M. Santiago, BulSU
  • Dr. Irene P. De Vera, PangSU
  • Prof. Mary Joy A. Castillo, PUP
  • Prof. Roberto Rodel. Gonzales, NEUST
  • Prof. Elvis M. Estuesta, CagSU
  • Dr. Larry A. Santos, PangSU

The Accreditors together with the faculty and staff who assisted them throughout the evaluation.