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In its own way of espousing one of the most pressing world issues that has prevailed in the last few decades, the PSU CNHS has just hosted a forum on HIV.

“This is our way of reaching out to the PSU community, by being an active force in spreading awareness of HIV among the members of the PSU, especially the youth,” said Dean Sonia Ygloria of the CNHS.

It was bared in the forum that contrary to popular belief, the Philippines is now celebrating a decline in the incidence of AIDS cases.

More than 20,000 Filipinos are still suffering from the effects of HIV, some of these being children who were born to HIV infected parents.

However there is a compelling cause for alarm here in Puerto Princesa and Palawan. In a recent article by the Palawan News, it was reported that Palawan has the most number of recorded cases of HIV and AIDS in MIMAROPA, which has then inspired the CNHS to take on the key role as disseminator of critical information on HIV and AIDS.

“The CNHS is very honored to lead the way in the effort to make people aware of HIV and AIDS because with the problems here in Palawan, there is really no sizeable entity which has both the knowledge and the influence to do something to effect a change in awareness among Palawenyos,” added Dean Ygloria.

Clearly the PSU College of Nursing and Health Sciences has shown in this forum that they have the drive and the sincerity to care for the community which is always under threat of disease, not the least of which being AIDS and HIV.

(M. Villa-Agustin, 2015)