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Headed by Philippine National Red Cross Palawan Chapter officer-in-charge Mr. Victor De Leon, the PNRC team came to the Performing Arts Center to address the community members of the PSU in light of IHL Month.

“The PSU has always been in active collaboration with the Red Cross throughout the years. I would like to thank Pres. Jeter Sespeñe and the Palawan State University for giving us this chance to impart knowledge to the PSU community,” said Mr. De Leon.

The month of August is actually the commemoration of the International Humanitarian Law Month celebrated by all nations who took part in the Geneva Convention, the Philippines included.

By virtue of an Executive Order signed by former President Joseph Estrada in 1999, August 12 is observed as International Humanitarian Law Day here in the Philippines.

Many people are not very aware that the Red Cross and International Humanitarian Law are firmly connected with each other and this can be traced back to the early history of the Red Cross.

In 1859, a Swiss businessman named Henry Dunant witnessed the aftermath of the Battle of Solferino in Italy, which saw many casualties from two warring sides. On one side was the Austrian force and on the other side was the French and Piedmontese forces.

Shocked by the lack of facilities, personnel, and medical aid available to help these soldiers, Henry Dunant identified the need for “a permanent relief agency for humanitarian aid in times of war and a government treaty recognizing the neutrality of the agency and allowing it to provide aid in a war zone.”

What was envisioned as a relief agency turned into the International Committee of the Red Cross in 1863. Eventually, the aspiration for the government treaty resulted in the Geneva Convention of 1864, which is widely known as the cornerstone of International Humanitarian Law, otherwise known as the Law of Armed Conflict.

Here in Palawan, the PNRC has clearly shown that it has rightful interest in promoting IHL. In the words of Mr.De Leon, “to give recognition and importance to IHL is the duty f everybody.” The PNRC has consistently reached out to the members of the PSU to promote volunteerism in all of their undertakings, especially in times of calamity wherein aid and relief are in highest demand.

There are a number of programs and activities lined up for the Red Cross this 2015. Among them is the Million Volunteer Run III, which shall be announced at a later date.