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The Palawan State University has just concluded one of its most meaningful milestones in the school’s yearlong celebration of its Golden Anniversary. Headed by no less than the PSU Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension, the exhibit was themed Expanding Partnerships and Internatonalization of PSU’s Research and Extension Endeavors.

On the event’s closure, University Research Office Director Dr. Patrick Regoniel aptly summed up the quality of efforts that have brought about significant outputs from key offices under the OVPRE in recent years.

“What you have seen today is the trend of future research practices to come,” shared Dr. Regoniel.

Critical to the success of research practices today is the relevance of the research agenda. Though there is arguably an abundance of competent researchers in the Philippines today, relevant research is especially influenced by the preferences of those which fund such crucial projects. Of late, specific research agenda have been identified.

Dr. Regoniel made mention of a recent funding forum in which the Palawan State University was represented and the agenda of Biodiversity Conservation and Utilizaton, as well as Sustainable Use and Development were clearly underscored and identified to have huge importance.

This is expected to provide a good starting point for researches in the future, especially especially so because the PSU is celebrating its Golden Jubilee Year.

Dr. Regoniel continued, “I encourage all of the units here to find ways to make the community more aware of the 50th year celebration. I would also like to thank everyone for their efforts, especially Dr. Michael Pido for insisting that we hold this event. It took us months of preparing. Congratulations to everyone for making this celebration a success, but of course this is just the beginning of what we want to accomplish. This is not the last. We are launching the 50th Anniversary of PSU today.”

If things proceed at the current pace, the Community shall soon witness the conversion of PSU from a Teaching University to a Research University.

This exhibit featured the most recent accomplishments of key offices namely, The University Research Office, The University Extension Services Office, Panrehiyong Sentro ng Wikang Filipino, Palawan Studies Center, Affiliated Renewable Energy Center, Marine Science Laboratory, Center for Strategic Policy and Governance, The Universiity Museum, The University Intellectual Property Office, and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension.


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