The Palawan State University College of Hospitality Management and Tourism is all-systems-go on the much awaited Chef’s Festival and Skills Olympics, the twelfth of its kind since its inception in 2003, as the PSU community is now looking at this as the first major event of the CHMT for the founding anniversary celebration of the University.

The Chefs’ Fest has very humble beginnings that could be traced from way back before it became the annual staple that it is today. In Metro Manila, there is a traditional celebration called Chefs on Parade, wherein the top HRM and Hospitality schools and colleges in the Philippines, together with some of the industry’s leaders would gather in competition to showcase their culinary skills in celebration of industry excellence. Since the reality of living in Palawan posed geographical restrictions to PSU’s participation in the Chefs on Parade, a group of enthusiastic individuals came-up with the concept of holding its own event, albeit in a more intimate space. This was how the Chefs’ Fest was born.

Many are not very well informed of the history of the CHMT, as this college was an offshoot of BS Tourism under the College of Arts and Humanities and the BS Hospitality Management under the College of Business and Accountancy. In the CBA in 1996, an informal group was formed in the interest of exercising the most relevant cuisine industry skills. This was called the “Hotel En Restaurateur Organization” (HERO), which then adapted to changing times by taking on other names such as “Hotel and Restaurant Management Society” and eventually now the “Hospitality Management Society” (HMS).

Though it has taken several forms, the HMS has gained a steady reputation throughout the many challenges and storms it has faced, evolving into a venue to exhibit not only cuisine excellence, but also all the fundamental skills that are necessary in Hospitality Management and Tourism. Today, the Hospitality Management Society is 18 years strong. The continued success of the Chefs’ Fest is much to the credit of the HMS, which is officially housed in the CHMT.

On March 6, 2015, the Hospitality Management Society shall also be launching a rejuvenated organizational symbol which was created to reflect the HMS’s total philosophy. The Pineapple has always been an internationally recognized symbol of hospitality and the CHMT of Palawan State University has adapted it into the fold, with the Pineapple tradition anchored on the spirit of community and knowledge.

Below is the schedule of this year’s Chefs’ Festival and Skills Olympics 2015: