Inspired by its vision of becoming “A premier State University in the Southeast Asia that provides excellent and relevant Higher Education for Sustainable Development”, PSU submitted 10 academic programs to the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) Accreditors for its review and assessment.

 The AACCUP visits were held in two locations, Palawan State University main campus (October 6-11, 2014) and PSU Cuyo Campus (July 28, 2014 to August 2, 2014). The AACCUP Team which reviewed selected academic programs of the campuses was headed by its over-all coordinator, Dr.  Raul F. Muyong with the following members: Dr. Adelfo Z. Virtudazo (from CapSU), Dr. Aleta Rose A. Onglatco (CapSU), Dr. Allen U. Bautista (URS), Dr. Dementria A. San Juan (URS), Dr. Editha V. Pillo (EARIST), Dr. Edna C. Aquino (RTU), Dr. Elizabeth A. Magallanes (WVSU), Dr. Ernesto E. Morales (WVCST), Dr. Evelyn B. Borgonia (CapSU), Dr. Honey Lee E. Casa (CapSU), Dr. Imelda S. Ocampo (NVSU), Dr. Loreta Vivian R. Galima (NVSU), Dr. Mae D. Dumapig (CapSU), Dr. Nelly E. Mistio (UA), Dr. Ramona M. Launio (CapSU), Engr. Apolinario S. Solano (EARIST), Prof. Al Joevid B. Mirasol (WVCST), Prof. Minerva C. Zoleta (EARIST), Prof. Neria E. Gomez (BU), and Prof. Rolly D. Degala (CapSU).

Specific programs which underwent accreditation were the following:

  1. Doctor of Education major in Educational Management - (Level II Re-accredited, Qualified for Level III)
  2. Master of Arts in Education (Majors: Social Sciences, Mathematical, Physical Education, School Leadership & Instruction, Guidance and Counselling)  -
  3. (Level II Re-accredited, Qualified for Level III)
  4. Master in Public Administration - (Level II Re-accredited, Qualified for Level III)
  5. MA in Management (Level I Accredited)
  6. BS in Entrepreneurship (Level I Accredited)
  7. BS in Civil Engineering (Level I Accredited)
  8. BS in Computer Science (Level I Accredited)
  9. BS in Electrical Engineering (Level I Accredited)
  10. BS in Mechanical Engineering (Level I Accredited)
  11. BS in Nursing (Level I Accredited)

In PSU-Cuyo, an external campus of PSU, selected programs also passed the Level I accreditation. These were:

  1. Bachelor in Elementary Education
  2. Bachelor in Secondary Education
  3. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

In a quest to become a research university, PSU will continue to achieve higher levels of accreditation status in all of its academic programs.  Dr. Cecilio Manarpaac, Director of University Quality Assurance Center, said that another round of accreditation visit for the succeeding level status will be conducted during the first quarter of 2015.

The University President, Dr. Jeter S. Sespeňe sends his warmest congratulations and thanks to all the members of PSU community who contributed to the achievement of this milestone. (Vench Limpiada, Nov. 20, 2014)